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4 Life Hacks to Get Your Money’s Worth after Coloring

4 Life Hacks to Get Your Money’s Worth after Coloring

Time is money. The amount of time an average girl spends in the salon to whether color their hair or bleach+ color it can run from a good 3- 6 hours depending on the length of the hair/ type or work needed.


While spending so much time and effort to look good, we notice there are still some people only focus on looking good at that point of time but lacks either the knowledge or don’t really bother with post care.


Post care is not just vital to maintain the color duration but also affects how fast can your hair bare the damage that is coming for your next color treatment. Peroxide used will actually cause the hair to feel dry and straw-like. Over time, and with repeated colouring sessions, these changes in the structure of your hair will leave it weaker and more prone to breakage. The more hair is dye damaged, the less the colour holds.


What you can do

·      Avoid over washing

·      Choose your shampoo wisely

·      Post care Treatment

·      Add Ultra Violet Shampoo – for bleach hair


1.     Avoid over washing


Usually, stylist will recommend a good 72 hours post color only should you start your first wash. However due to our humid weather sometimes it’s not really feasible. So that part is just a good to know if you can resist the urge go ahead with 72 hours if not can always op for a dry shampoo option.


2.     Choose your shampoo wisely


This is especially important for those that bleaches their hair. Always go for a Color Safe or Colour Treatment Shampoo (basically it’s the same), so how do you differentiate it with other shampoo in the market? What does it really mean?


Colour Safe/ Color Treatment Shampoo definition does not contain the below:


§  SLS or SLES (Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate, and Sodium chloride) (harmful to hair color as it quickly removes the absorbed hair colors with each usage. )


§  Paraben (including drying, irritating your scalp, fading your color, and even hair loss)


§  Silicone (long term use your hair will have dry feel and dull appearance. You may even notice that your hair becomes weaker and more prone to breakage. And if you’re using a form of silicone that isn’t water-soluble, it can be really hard to remove it with a regular wash)


A good example will be like our DF5 Scrub Em’ where is totally color safe for both color and bleach hair and DOES NOT contain the 3 things to avoid above! However our DF5 Scrub Em’s is a scalp scrub shampoo treatment which it is intent to be incorporate in our daily life as part of our cleansing treatment no matter colored or not hair. Not convince ? Check it out yourself at our dedicated page .


Do not fret, we will be launching our color safe shampoo to use daily so stay tune!


3.     Treatment post coloring


Treatment for post coloring can be a very lengthy process however we are certain this would be the best for your scalp and hair wellbeing. Let’s start, shall we?


Scalp – Always do not skip the treatment provided by your colorist especially for scalp and hair. Your scalp and hair would definitely need a dose of it at least till it reaches recovery from 2 weeks to 1 month and this also depends on the severity of the damage done on it.


You can always incorporate a home care post care tonic / essence to help reduce the damage done on your scalp. This not only it helps reduce the itchy, dryness on your scalp but also further give back the nutrients and balancing it needs post care. You can op for this during the 72 hours wait if you find it to be a little itching/ oily post hair dye.


Products to look out in tonic/ essence must not have these especially for color hair scalp:


§  Silicones

§  Parabens

§  Mineral oil (it creates product build up on the scalp and makes it hard for the hair care products to penetrate into the scalp. Most often, this excess build up can lead to itching, eczema flares and rashes)

§  Petrolatum ( a by-product derived from petroleum and by using product that contains this will eventually cause occlusion where technically your scalp cannot absorb the nutrient it should get nor expel out the toxin build out )

§  Paraffin ( Another by-product from petroleum which should be avoided in haircare products because they can weigh down the hair and leave it greasy)


Examples of such product? We also have it covered! We are proud to let you know that DF5 Scalp Nourishing Essence is not just a product a hair loss remedy only BUT for like an anti-aging everyday use especially color/ bleach hair group where the process is of an intentional damage to our scalp and hair to look good. As for the benefit, we would leave you to visit our dedicated page to read more about it .


Hair – Normally we would always recommend those with long hair to have at least a conditioner (daily) + hair mask (once or twice a week replacing conditioner) on standby as part of their daily hair care routine. Or you can always op for either one depending on your budget and time spend in the shower.


8 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Shampoo and Conditioner

§  Sulfates

§  Parabens

§  Polyethylene Glycols (PEG) used to improve the texture of the shampoo. Again, this can be bad for hair, as this synthetic ingredient can be very harsh on the scalp and hair, leading to dryness)

§  Triclosan (can cause scalp inflammation, hair loss, and dryness)

§  Formaldehyde (allows a stylist to reset the hair as curly or straight and it “stays fixed in the different configuration- Generally it has been ban from some cosmetic products)

§  Synthetic Fragrances(Parfums) usually made up from harsh alcohols like ethyl alcohol can have a drying effect on skin and hair)

§  Dimethicone (a type of silicone which is water- insoluble. Does not break down or wash away easily and such build-up may make finer hair feel greasy and create an unhealthy scalp environment, making hair brittle and dull)

§  Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) may lead to scaling, irritation, and peeling


Don’t forget to incorporate leave on hair moisturisers to ease your hair blow dry ritual!


Hair ends- Generally we would recommend to get a good leave on hair moisturizer and hair oil to use daily as it does show big difference with or without it.


4.     Add Ultra Violet Shampoo – for bleach hair


What is an Ultra Violet Shampoo? Generally some people might call it a purple shampoo and this is especially important for people that bleaches their hair and don’t want to look haggard / brassy and it instantly erases brassy yellow tones to leave your hair brighter and whiter, wash after wash. Helps repair damage caused by colouring, reducing breakage by 90%.



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