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DF5 D’Refreshor Hydrating Cleanser (150ml)

About DF5 D’Refreshor Hydrating Cleanser (150ml)

Our cleanser is a refreshing burst of hydration for your skin and also serves as a light makeup remover!

Designed to effortlessly remove light makeup and cleanse your pores, our DF5 D’Refreshor Hydrating Cleanser leaves your skin feeling revitalized and deeply moisturized. Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, this is the perfect choice for achieving a refreshed complexion.

Enjoy DF5 with your loves ones today!

FREE FROM: Silicone, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance and SLS. 


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5 Key Ingredients: 

1. ACETAMIDOETHOXYETHANOL (ElfaMoist) – up to 30 hours hydration.

2. 1,2-HEXANDEDIOL– a great emollient as well as a humectant, that is, it preserves hydration on the skin while also softening it.

3. Propanediol – offers moisturizing properties that can result in a smooth, dewy finish as the formula sets.

4. AUREOBASDIUM PULLULENS FERMENT (Black Yeast)- adequate antiaging, antiwrinkle, and whitening benefits and skin moisturizing effect.

5. CAPRYLYL GLYCOL – works as a humectant, which means it helps hydrate your skin,. Humectants attract and retain moisture

Scent : Green Purity

Top Note : Orange, Bergamot, Green Tea

Middle Note: Mint, Freesia, Eucalyptus

Bottom Note: Woody, Musk

1 review for DF5 D’Refreshor Hydrating Cleanser (150ml)

  1. 心怡

    当我第一次使用这个洗脸霜, 我得到前所未有的舒适感。 用完后,完全不干, 正如他们广告商说保湿30小时!以后只用DF5 D’Refreshor 了。 超级期待他们陆续出的产品!

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